Tweak your Citroen engine for more Performance with HPR Performance Chip Tuning module. 

Optimized for advanced ignition spark, air/fuel ratio, transmission and various other parameters for the ultimate power gains and improved mpg. Must have for all Citroen enthusiast.


2009 - 2023 Citroen Berlingo Multispace 
2005 - 2022 Citroen C1 
2002 - 2023 Citroen C3 
2009 - 2017 Citroen C3 Picasso
2017 - 2023 Citroen C3 Aircross
2010 - 2023 Citroen C4
2006 - 2018 Citroen C4 Picasso
2014 - 2022 Citroen C4 Catcus
2018 - 2022 Citroen C4 SpaceTourer / Grand
2008 - 2017 Citroen C5 Saloon
2008 - 2017 Citroen C5 Tourer
2017 - 2023 Citroen C5 Aircross
2006 - 2015 Citroen Dispatch Combi
2010 - 2017 Citroen DS3
2010 - 2017 Citroen DS4 / Crossback
2011 - 2017 Citroen DS5

* Shipping is $7.95 within USA/Canada. 
No extra cost international shipping (limited time offer)
* Please provide us with your vehicle information (year, model, and engine) when ordering. Chip module is pre-programmed for your specific vehicle model & country. 



* Faster Acceleration, Driveability, & Throttle Response.
* Improve Fuel Mileage Efficiency by as much as 11% under normal driving condition with better engine combustion process.
* Improve Horsepower & Torque by as much as 15% ~ Power level is adjustable with switch control knob.


* Quick and Easy Self Installation. No soldering/alteration to onboard computer. 
* Simply plugs this into factory ECU sensor underneath the hood and it's done. 
* Complete instructions are included. 


* Comes with a Heat/Waterproof enclosure and all necessary hardware. 
* Comes with Adjustable Switch Knob Button to set Performance Settings.
* Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.


* Emission safe, OEM compatible, and completely reversible. Warranty Safe.
* Work with all Fuel Injected Vehicles including Turbo and Diesel Types. 
* Works in conjunction with any other performance upgrades (ie: air intake, supercharger, exhaust, etc)


1. How can i adjust the power settings of this HPR Chip Tuning Module? 

You can adjust the power settings by turning the chip module's switch knob button "clockwise & counter clockwise". 
When turning the switch knob button counter clockwise to the base level (stock is selected), your vehicle's computer will be returned to the factory-set parameters. 

2. Will this fit my vehicle? 

If your vehicle model is listed above, then we would have the chip which is compatible with your vehicle. You can provide your vehicle information in customer text box message when ordering (* important * year, model, and specific engine). The Chip module will be programmed for your specific vehicle information & country (USA / Canada / Middle & South America / Middle East / Europe / Russia / All Asia / Australia Specs). 
This provides optimal adjustment and performance development for your vehicle only. 

If your vehicle model is not listed above, please contact us. We can resource / check the availability of the upcoming models for you.

3. Is it easy to install? 

Yes, you can install this by yourself in just minutes. No soldering/alteration to onboard computer. Simply plugs this into factory ECU sensor underneath the hood and it's done. 

Very easy and complete instructions will be also included.

4. Can I still save fuel despite having more power? How does it work? 

Yes, by adapted driving behavior, HPR can greatly reduce fuel consumption. The increased torque, which primarily takes place in the lower and mid-RPM range, allows your transmission to upshift sooner, meaning that your vehicle is driven with a lower overall RPM value.

5. Will this void my car warranty? or be reversible? 

This is factory compatible and will not void your car warranty. You can also feel confident in the fact, that the HPR Performance Chip is engineered to be completely safe for your engine and reversible at anytime when the power setting is set to base or when the unit is removed from your vehicle. Very nice.

6. How soon can i expect my chip module order?

We will ship your order promptly & email your shipment reference (tracking information) within 24-48 hours after receiving your payment. Shipping may take 2 to 5 business days within continental USA, 7-15 business days outside USA

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HPR Performance Chip Tuning for Citroen

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